Saturday, 24 March 2018

How to Build Effective Local Engagement In 2018

Local SEO has not been much of a topic for discussion in the past. Anyone with a few tricks would be able to get reasonable amount of traffic to the websites. However, this is not the case anymore. The reason it had been easier to win local SEO in the past was lower competition due to which there had not been many ranking signals. Now, there are ranking signals which are defined by Google’s algorithms. Thus, one needs to work pretty hard to get a good rank in SERPs.

One of the big challenges in the local search is spam. However, Google is taking some effective steps to counter spam. But, there are different dimensions from where the spam can come in. Hence, Google takes steps to counter anything new in the spam world.

In the current scenario, Google knows much about people and their preferences. And it has led Google to suggest people the right information about anything they look for in their locality. So, it has become challenging task for marketers to target local audience in effective ways.

Having that said, there are a few things that you need to take into the account when it comes to marketing your business in the local area.

Tips for effective engagement

Everyone in the local search industry gets a lesson about building citations as the first thing. So, let’s shift our focus towards something which can help you build better engagement. A few tips are as under.
  1. Your first point of concern should be the knowledge panel you have. It means that you should make sure that the knowledge you have is accurate.
  2. Pay attention to the timeline of Google My Business. Google has introduced special Q&A section in Google My Business. It is unfortunate that owners of pages do not pay attention to the questions people post in those pages. The reason is that the owners do not get notified. So you can keep an eye on your Google My business timeline to know about the issues people have with your business.
  3. As a part of your marketing strategy, you would always want your emails to return you the positive response from your subscribers. For this purpose, make sure that your newsletters are attractive.
  4. Although social signals are not considered by search engines, these the very signals you may need to give your business major boost in the market.
  5. Encourage people to provide you with the reviews about your business. Reviews and feedback can help you know about the status of your business.
  6. Many people do not like to talk to a business over phone. Therefore, you need to provide people with an option to text you their queries.

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